Foto : Luca Dalla Palma / FOTOFFICINA

The most common question that i am facing is usually... what freeriding is?

For a long time i tried to find a rational answer without succeeding. I have also tried to find a philosophical meaning, risking to slide into banality. I finally looked inside and i think i have finally found a convincing answer, I believe i have understood what is going on notwithstanding the literal meaning, freeride: is something that goes beyond mere skiing, cycling, surfing the waves or climbing a mountain. Freeride is leaving a trace, a sign of our presence in the world. A way to say here i am, to give energy... a lifestyle. Anyone who seeks these values, both in sports as in life, has every right to consider themselves a freerider.

I was born in brescia on the 28th of july 1970. I live in Lumezzane, a large industrial town not far from the main city. Over the years my passion for sports have turned into a job and today i am earning my living doing what i like. I spend the majority of the winter on the snow, theaching skiing, snowboarding and as national telemark instructor. In the summer i ride my bike on behalf of an american company that arranges holiday groups in italy and part of my life away from home sometimes for work, more often for pleasure. I like to discover and learn about the world through sports : skiing, cycling and climbing up mountains are always ideals excuses for a trip. With skis i have been at the Lenin Peak (7126 m) in 2003 and Mutazagata (7546 m) in 2007, but i have also experienced many adventures on the Dolomites, the Alps, in Lebanon, on the Rocky Mountains and Canada. More recently i have begun to discover the incredible potential of the two wheels, opening another window on the world. After years spent as a downhiller, my passion for cycling along the mountains on a mountain bike or a road bike is growing stronger. Thanks to the cooperation with some italian sport magazine such as Montebianco and Freerider, my experiences can be transmitted, shared and became a stimulus for anyone who loves to travel. Remain the fact that none of the experiences above would have been possible without the support of my friends who have always have shared the happiest moment of my life.

To all of them the most sincere thanks

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