The first italian tour of sky running, achieved within sum of the most interesting mountains park. Six halting places of different length and height difference within the boundaries of park: Etna, Vesuvio, Pollino, Maiella, Elbaand Stelvio. An initiative created in collaboration with fsa(ecosport sportchallengers movement),federparchi and the ministry of environment and territory in order to promote the beauty of fitness and the potential of some protected areas in italy.

Summer 2004


A sort of camel trophy on the snow. 3200 km at polar temperature in the scenario of Yukon, Canada, with temperatures close to 50 below the 0. Tests of ice climbing, dog sledding, running in the snow, tests of regularity on snowmobile, off-road driving in different situations...only some of the few difficulties to be faced in this challenging adventure

Winter 2002


It is the most important circuit of multi sportive races dedicated to the adventure. One of the most interesting international competition multivento as spectacular as the famous raid gauloise. An itinerary to faced in teams over a period of 36 hours no stop, overcoming many sports trial such as bicking, orientation, canoeing and climbing.

Summer 2000


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