One of the most popular winter destination. A skiable area between the largest of the alps, a mix of beaten paths and itineraries dedicated to ski off-piste. A domain skiable of which charm is hard to resist. after a fortuitous snowfall we have the fortune to spend two intense days in the snowy folds of this magnificent territory.

February 2008


An extraordinary adventure on skis in one of the most famous and popular ski destination on the alps. A fortuitous snowfall properly descended to dust the huge territory. The contour of magnificent peaks, the dense network of modern facilities, the incalculable number of possible routes... a paradise to discover and enjoy

February 2008


Often the search of adventure leads us out of our land to search something different, unique and memorable. Jackson Hole has allowed us to understand better the true meaning of the term freeride: unlimited opportunities to move within such a vast region, characterized by steep canals, majestic cliffs but above all the powdery snow that we all dream about.

Winter 2004


In Crans Montana, the demo team italy participated to the interski with a group of demonstrators selected by AMSI and FISI among some o the best italian ski instructors. Part of the group of the national instructors COSCUMA, they collaborated to the technical and teaching evolution of the italian school of ski. In addition to the undisputed technical skills, the choice of the members of the demo was also based on their ability to communicate in foreign languages with the representatives of other international schools

Winter 2003


Being in the middle east sunk by almost six meters of snow may seems unreal or at least unusual... Lebanon is actually considered the Switzerland of the middle east and is well equipped for sports on the snow. A fascinating journey to discover the flavours of the ancient world.

Winter 2003


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